MACRO tools manufacturing

Thanks to the most up to date manufacturing methods, a modern machine park equipped with high precision 5-axis CNC grinders, our expertise and indisputable high quality of materials we produce carbide tools that meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Not only do we make standard end mills or drills but also sophisticated, customized tools manufactured according to customers’ needs.

We base our offer on the design and manufacturing of:

  • finger end mills,

  • ball nose end mills,

  • T-slot end mills,

  • shaped end mills,

  • engraving end mills,

  • single and multiple hole drills,

  • end mill drills,

  • counterbores,

  • chamfers,

  • reamers,

  • countersinks,

  • slotters,

  • micro boring bars,

The quality of the manufactured tools is of key importance to us. We begin at identifying customers needs, then go on to design, manufacturing, implementation, and finally after-sales service. We care about the highest customer service standards all the time as we intend to increase the efficiency of the clients manufacturing potential and finally their satisfaction!

Each project is managed with technical documentation which is prepared in close cooperatation with the technological departments of our clients. The dimensional compliance of the tool is confirmed by quality control using CNC measuring machines.

With uttermost care we constantly conduct market analysis and the needs of our partners taking into account possible variable factors, such as the working conditions of the tools or the customer's machine park. These are the basis for developing an individual solution, which ultimately aims to increase the customer's manufacturing efficiency.

The offered tooling solutions are used in the machining of a wide range of materials, such as commonly used construction and alloy steels, cast irons, stainless steels, aluminium and magnesium alloys as well as high performance materials like heat-resistant nickel and titanium alloys.

The manufacturing process can be supplemented with additional machining of the cutting edges which is the maintenance of the blade done before the coating of the tools. We provide a full selection of life-extending coatings based on PVD processes.

General terms of manufacturing and reconditioning

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