Mikron Tool

Tools are our passion, small dimensions are our specialty and hard-to-machine materials are our challenge.

This is what Mikron Tool says about themselves. The company was founded in 1998 on the basis of the transformation of the former in-house Cutting Tools department of Mikron SA Agno.

Started in 1998, with a team of 25 employees on board rapidly resulted in the expansion of the company. Currently, Mikron Tool is a global tool supplier with headquarters in Switzerland (Agno Ticino), sales and manufacturing sites in Germany (Rottweil) and sales offices in the USA and China.

Why Mikron Tool?
The answer is simple, because they are considered as one of the leaders in the global market of metal working tools.

What distinguishes the company?

– Extensive knowledge of the machining process
Mikron Tool engineers are specialists in the field of tool design and an extensive selection of machining process parameters.

– Repeated precision
Thanks to the most modern means of production and measurement instruments, we are in a position to manufacture tools with a precision of +/- 0.0005 mm.

– High performance
High performance and high process reliability delivers excellent quality results.

-Difficult-to-machine materials
For years, Mikron Tool has been focusing on the implementation of innovative and unique tools for machining materials commonly considered as difficult-to-machine.




Special applications